What information does the report include?

The report will contain your customer's name, the comment number (the order in which the comment was found), a thumbnail of the product commented on, and the customer's full comment. Click on the thumbnail to go directly to the actual Facebook post. The report is grouped by the customer's name so you can quickly see what each of your customers purchased.

What does the 'First Match Only' check box do?

If this check box is selected, only the first customer who claims an item will appear in the report.

I sell items by posting albums up to my group page. Can this app help?

Yes! After logging in, click the “Generate reports from GROUP ALBUM” link (right under your account details). This will bring you to a different form that asks for your group ID and the dates you want to use to search for the album.

I love this app! How can I subscribe?

Click on the subscribe link on the main page to view the different subscription options. Make sure you already started your trial account so I can upgrade it.

The pictures in the report are not very clear. What gives?

The pictures of the item sold in the report is only a low resolution thumbnail provided by Facebook. If you click the image you will be brought to the actual image that was posted on Facebook.

The report is missing some customers that I know bought something.

If your customer had disabled platform apps (in the privacy settings), WhatDidISell will not be able to read any comment made by that customer. You can usually figure this out if you notice none of the items a particular customer has claimed shows up in the report.

If your report is missing your customer's claimed item and you don't believe it is due to a privacy setting, please take a screen shot of your customer's comment and send it my way. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.